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Honour of the Faculty of Education, University of the Punjab
Honour of the Faculty of Education, University of the Punjab

It is a matter of honour for Faculty of Education, University of the Punjab, Lahore that a delegation of seven faculty members and Phd scholars from Institute of Education and Research and Department of Special Education including Dr. Ghulam Fatima, Dr. Misbah Malik, Dr. Rukhsana Bashir, Dr. Samina Ashraf, Dr. Khadija Sittar, Dr. Sumaira Munawar and Dur e Nayab presented their research papers in 4th International Research Conference on Economics, Business and Social Sciences held on December 18-19, 2019 at Putra Business School, University Putra Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The topics of research papers are as under:
Violence inflicted on students with disabilities in special education institutions: A remedial inquiry (presented by Dr. Ghulam Fatima)
Perceptions of  Elementary school teachers about effect of physical and emotional violence on students’ performance (Presented by Dr. Misbah Malik)
Effect of practices executed by Monitoring Education Assistants on Elementary school teachers’ mental health (Presented by Sumaira Munawar)
Prevalence of violence in special schools: A quantitative survey (Presented by Dr. Rukhsana Bashir)
Identification of institutionalized violence in Elementary schools (Presented by Dr. Khadija Sittar)
Violence experienced by the girls with hearing impairment in the schools and its impact on their education (Presented by Dr. Samina Ashraf)
Level of expertise in educated young girls in managing their homes in Punjab: A quantitative exploration (Presented by Dur e Nayab)
The delegates from more than 25 reputed universities all over the world attended the conference and shared the findings of their research studies. The international academia appreciated the efforts made by the delegation from the Faculty of Education, University of the Punjab for their participation in the international conference with purpose of the development of research culture in Pakistan.